Unity in Diversity Charm and Bead Stretch Bracelet Set


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There is such richness in the vast diversity throughout all of nature, including us humans. If we are going to survive and provide a world worthy of our children and grandchildren and beyond – we must find unity in our diversity. This bracelet set is a way to express your vision of a world that can live together in peace and look gorgeous at the same time. The charm bracelet contains nine charms representing many spiritual paths and religions.

It is said that purple is the color of good judgement and represents the color of people searching for spiritual fulfillment. It contains a sense of the mystic as well as royal qualities.

Product Details:

* Handcrafted and One of a Kind
* Three Stretch bracelets fitting small and average size wrists
* The charm bracelet contains nine antique silver tone charms: Star of David, Cross, Hamsa/Hamesh Hand, Bird of Peace, Heart with Peace Sign, Lotus Flower, Angel, Kokopelli, and Buddha
* The bracelets have 6mm purple-blue adventurine beads, opaque shades of lavender and purple glass beads, and 4mm silver plated cube beads

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