Starfish, Tigers Eye and Beach Glass Bracelet and Earrings Set


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This striking nature lovers stretch bracelet and earrings set boasts smooth cream colored striated starfish stones separated by amber tigers eye stones and pieces of genuine beach glass.

According to legend, starfish are reflections of stars in the sky inhabiting the ocean floor. They have a remarkable ability for regeneration and symbolize guidance, intuition, and vigilance. Tigers eye is a powerful stone that is said to aid harmony and balance, helping to release fear and anxiety, and stimulates taking action. Add some genuine beach glass from the shores of Lake Michigan and you have a a set that is visually intriguing and filled with meaning.

Product Details:

* Handcrafted and One of a Kind
* Stretch bracelet consists of five stone starfish measuring 1″L x 1″W, four pieces of genuine beach glass and twelve 6mm amber tigers eye round stones
* Fits average size wrists

* Handcrafted
* From top of earring wire to bottom of earring measures 1 3/4”L x 1/2”W
* Each earring has one stone starfish and two 4mm tigers eye stones
* Sterling Silver filled french coil wires

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