Wall Hangings and Mobiles

My first mobile came about as a request from a friend who was very familiar with my talking/spirit sticks and my obsession with branches. She requested that I make her a mobile using one of my branches and sea/beach glass. This began an exploration into creating mobiles and wall hangings using tumbled beach glass in every imaginable color, mosaic glass and genuine beach glass and beach rocks I collected from the shores of Lake Michigan. I often glaze the rocks to bring out their gorgeous colors. Custom requests started emerging and I found myself experimenting with using differently shaped branches and starfish. My small mobiles/wall hangings use branches about 14 inches long. I then ventured into making much larger wall hangings, where the branches are 28-45″ wide. The process involves creating a design with the glass/rocks, then individually tying each piece of glass or rock with monofilament line and gluing each one, creating multiple strands of beach glass/rocks hanging from the branch. There are typically 85-250 individually hand knotted, tied and glued pieces of glass/rock in each wall hanging/mobile.
People hang the them on walls, in front of windows, hanging from the ceiling. They are not suitable for the outdoors unless the area is protected from wind and inclement weather.

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