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Tools of the Trade.

Tools of the Trade.

Here you will find hand-crafted, one of a kind jewelry pieces created with genuine beach/sea glass, beach rocks, stones, pearls, beads, crystals and charms. Each piece reflects its own natural beauty, color, elegance, meaning and celebration — each piece is designed to enhance the connection a person experiences with themselves, with nature and with loved ones.

Every piece comes protected in a ziplock bag and with its own lovely organza pouch with drawstring. Your piece is then bubble-wrapped and shipped in a padded envelope. You can be sure each piece is packed and shipped with great care.

You will also find unique and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted wall hangings and mobiles created with genuine beach glass, tumbled glass, mosaic glass, beach and river rocks. Each strand contains multiple pieces and each piece is hand tied and glued. These statement pieces add amazing multi-dimensional art to any wall or in front of a window.

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About Holly


Holly Schak

Holly Schak is a jewelry designer and mixed media artist from the Chicago area who uses beach/sea glass, rocks, stones, beads, pearls, crystals and branches in her work.

She collects many of these compelling natural elements herself from around the country, manipulating the raw materials through hand sanding, glazing, drilling, hand knotting and wire work. She combines these many wonderful elements to create jewelry and wall hangings using sea/beach glass, rocks, stones and crystals.

Holly’s passion for the arts was sparked at an early age and she began singing and dancing at the age of three. She continued to study and perform throughout her college years.

She has spent her professional career in social work, financial services, and human resources, while continuing to express her passion for artistic creation through the study and practice of intuitive art making, authentic movement/dance, and multiple forms of vocal expression.

During the past four years, she has turned her attention fully to her artistic passions, and focused her creative energies on jewelry design and visual arts. Her lifelong love of movement is reflected in her choice of materials and in the jewelry and wall hangings/mobiles she creates.

Her jewelry and art pieces are owned by wonderful people throughout the U.S.

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About These Works

Beach Glass Necklace

Beach Glass Necklace

I am fascinated and awed by the idea that every living thing is unique and yet fundamentally connected to all other living things. My art is about creative expression, celebration and meaningful connection. Connection to self, to the divine, to the earth and to each other. I am compelled to create what makes me feel alive and grateful for this life. I feel most myself on the beach searching for beach glass and rocks for hours on end, or walking through the woods gathering branches that have fallen.

What are the stories within these materials? How can I build upon their beauty? What connects us to joy, beauty, courage, faith, strength, forgiveness, and to our intrinsic wholeness and divine spark, to knowing that we are loved?

Through my jewelry designs, I intend to create pieces that contribute to the happiness and wholeness of each person. Each piece is hand-crafted and one of a kind, as is each person who will be the ultimate recipient of the piece. The process is complete when what I create finds its rightful home, and can bring meaningful connection to that person.

I love creating custom work as it allows me to fully focus on the uniqueness of the individual. I am committed to continually increasing my knowledge and skills, so that I can provide my clients with products that speak to them with love and clarity.
Holly Schak

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